Seven Acre Rock dog walk

View from Seven Acre Rock lookout

At a glance

  • Distance – 1.3km
  • Grade 3
  • Duration – under one hour
  • Type – there and back
  • Toilets – yes, drop toilet
  • Picnic benches – yes
  • Dogs – off-leash, but under control.

Trail notes

Hi, I’m Pipit. Daddy is busy playing with Gwynnie today because she is such a sook and needs heaps of attention. So here I am, typing up the walk we did yesterday near Bunyip State Park. I’ll do anything for daddy.

Anyway, the walk. It was in a beautiful rainforest high up in the mountains. After a long drive on a smooth road and a short drive up a bumpy road, we stopped in a big clearing with tall trees.

There were no other dogs or humans anywhere, but I could hear some very loud birds. Mummy said they might be lyrebirds impersonating machinery.

It was much colder than in the Dandenongs where we live. Daddy said that was because we were 500m higher than our house. Mummy asked daddy why he had decided to wear shorts because our house was very cold this morning and it is 500m lower than where we were now. Daddy muttered something and walked off with Gwynnie. I asked Gwynnie what daddy said, but Gwynnie was busy sniffing something in the corner of the carpark. Mummy says she takes after daddy.

Me and Gwynnie were warm anyway because mummy dressed us in our Gorman coats, which are really cosy. Mummy thinks we look stylish in them too. I think that’s important because we were going to a winery on the way home. 

We went into the woods on the trail which was very muddy. The last time we went into a forest in the mountains it was really hot and dry. Gwynnie spotted a tiger snake and we all had to stand still for 10 minutes while mummy and daddy worked out what to do. We also got lost and mummy and daddy missed their lunch which made them angry.

The trail at Seven Acre Rock
Boulders on the trail

But today was better. The mud felt nice on my paws after the sharp gravel in the carpark. I started to sniff some really weird smells along the trail and heard some funny little birds. I forgot about snakes and soon relaxed so much that I did a big poop which I’d been holding on to all morning because I thought we were just going to one of our regular walks in the Hills. Mummy picked it up and called me ‘Pipi three plops’ which she and daddy think is cute.

The squelchy mud didn’t last long and the trail started to dry up as we wound between big boulders. Me and Gwynnie were having fun jumping from rock to rock but mummy didn’t think it was fun when she nearly fell over on a slippery rock because I was pulling her. 

Seven Acre Rock trail
This tree fern smelled great

Daddy had to take mine AND Gwynnie’s leads. He doesn’t let us pull on the lead but he always carries treats in his back pocket, so I pretend to walk nicely as long as he keeps handing out the yum yums. 

For the last bit of the walk we had to climb a REALLY big boulder. I think it was the biggest boulder ever – and really steep. It was so big it had trees and bushes growing on top of it and you could see the whole world from the top.

The view from Seven Acre Rock
Left-right: Gwynnie, Mummy and me

Mummy and daddy kept saying the view was really good. I suppose it was OK. There were trees and mountains in one direction and farmland back the way we came. But I think the smells were better in the carpark. 

When mummy and daddy had FINALLY finished taking photos they just sat there drinking tea for AGES. It was a bit boring, but they gave us some biscuits.

View from Seven Acre Rock
The view back towards the Yarra Valley

Me and Gwynnie started to get a bit restless. There were mosquitoes everywhere and so we were shaking them off all the time. 

Back at the carpark, there was a man cooking sausages out of the back of his ute. He was a nice man because he gave me and Gwynnie a bit of sausage each. I liked Seven Acre Rock.


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