There’s only one thing better than a pleasant walk in the bush – a pleasant walk in the bush in the company of your dog. Welcome to a collection of dog walks and dog hikes tried and reviewed by two whippets. Refreshments are important after a walk, so you’ll also find some suggestions for dog-friendly cafes and pubs. And I mean TRULY dog-friendly. We are not talking about sitting outside on the pavement with your dog lying on the asphalt. We are talking about properly covered decks or courtyards with heating. And those extremely rare establishments where your dog is allowed inside!

Your guides


Pipit the whippet at rest
Pipit the whippet is the fastest dog in almost any park she has ever visited. She enjoys running fast, wombat poo and lush green grass


A dog called Gwynnie lying on a sofa
Gwynnie the whippet cross is big, ungainly and frequently mistaken for a Thylacine. She likes possum poo and pieces of wood shaped like door wedges

Melbourne and Victoria dog walk map

Select a walk below. Some have more info and pictures, some are just a location with a description and photographs coming soon.

More dog-friendly walks near Melbourne

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