BBC Walking With Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs website screenshot
Walking with Dinosaurs website in December 2013

Backstory: in 1999 WWD was the most successful and expensive documentary ever (and may still be) and it inspired many children to become scientists.

Thirteen years later, the BBC decided to make a 3D movie version of Walking With Dinosaurs. I was brought on board as the digital editor at BBC Worldwide to take charge of (now sadly extinct, although you can see traces of it at the Internet Archive). We launched this site as a content marketing approach to engaging a new generation of fans (and re-engaging the original generation) with the Walking With Dinosaurs franchise.

Here’s one of our dinosaur ‘factsheet’ pages, aimed at kids. Click it to see the whole factsheet.

T. rex factsheet from
T. rex factsheet from (2013)

This was a multi-platform project. Apart from the website, I worked on an augmented reality app, an encyclopedia app, a PlayStation 3 ‘Wonderbook’ videogame, and some books.

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