Telling Stories is written by me, Tim Edwards. It exists so that I can keep up to date with WordPress as a website platform and to host this page, which shows a little of my work from the past 15 or so years.

In 2017 I moved from London, where I’ve spent most of my career, to Melbourne. Here I’ve worked as a contractor at organisations including Parks Victoria, RACV and Swinburne University.

I am currently an editorial freelancer and a teaching associate at Monash University‘s Faculty of Information Technology.

In London, I worked as a news journalist for and and did content marketing for the BBC and Classic FM.

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Alternatively, browse some of my clippings below.

Contractor (2017-19)

Copywriter at RACV. A brief stint, during which I provided content to improve SEO, enable a personalisation experiment and uplift a travel and leisure section. The most enjoyable example of my work there is from the Melbourne Bike Share site. Here are my six bike tours and Melbourne suburb guides.

Web content adviser at Swinburne University. Part of a team redeveloping the university’s website, section by section.

Managing editor, Intrepid Travel blogs. Writing and commissioning content for their branded travel blogs, including The Journal, Peregrine Wanderer and Outback Yarns. They are all WordPress-based.

Classic FM (2014-17)

I was the managing editor of Classic FM Interactive with oversight of all digital platforms, including the website, social media, video and apps. We created A LOT of amazing content to help bring to life the excellent output of the radio team. But among many other achievements, we developed from scratch the biggest online classical music video hub in the world. The best place to see examples of that is on the Facebook page.

I also wrote some quite good (and fun) stories, for example:

We travelled to an abandoned Scottish island to hear ‘The Lost Songs of St Kilda’ >

Listen to a violin made from spider silk >

Cats listen to the album ‘Music For Cats’ and give their verdict >

Has videogame music become unoriginal and Hollywood-obsessed? >

BBC Walking with Dinosaurs (2012-14)

Walking with Dinosaurs website screenshot
Walking with Dinosaurs website in December 2013

Backstory: in 1999 WWD was the most successful and expensive documentary ever (and may still be) and it inspired many children to become scientists.

Thirteen years later, I was brought in as the digital editor at BBC Worldwide to take charge of (now extinct, although you can see traces of it at the Internet Archive). We launched this site as a content marketing approach to publicising a reboot of the Walking With Dinosaurs franchise, a 3D movie version.

T. rex factsheet from
T. rex factsheet from (2013)

Here’s one of our dinosaur ‘factsheet’ pages (left), aimed at kids. Click it to make it bigger.

This was a multi-platform project. Apart from the website, I worked on an augmented reality app, an encyclopedia app, a PlayStation 3 ‘Wonderbook’ videogame, and some books.

The First Post and The Week (2006-12)

I worked for The First Post, and its later incarnation, for many years, eventually becoming managing editor. Much of my work has not survived site relaunches, but I’ve republished a few pieces I was able to save here.

Freelance (2005-07)

In my first stint as a freelancer I worked on a range of projects for a diverse bunch of companies:

Arup Design Yearbook (2006)

Arup is a multinational design and engineering consultancy. The Arup Design Yearbook is an annual magazine that showcases some of the company’s best projects. This project involved interviewing subject matter experts and turning their quite technical projects into stories that could be enjoyed by an informed but non-specialist audience. Click below to see some of my articles.

Arup Design Yearbook 2006: Wembley
Wembley Park Underground Station redevelopment
Arup Design Yearbook 2006: Shenzhen
Shenzhen metro system project

Voyager magazine

I was assistant editor on Voyager, bmi airlines’ monthly in-flight magazine, read by over 450,000 passengers. Click below to see some of my clippings.

Sharleen Spiteri interview, voyager magazine
Sharleen Spiteri interview, Voyager magazine
Urban ice climbing feature, Voyager magazine
Urban ice climbing feature, Voyager magazine

Business Sense magazine

Winner, ‘Most Effective B2B Magazine’ – APA awards 2005

I was assistant editor on this B2B magazine targeting Vodafone’s 230,000 small business customers. Content included business advice and demonstrating how smart use of technology can help busy people maintain a healthy work-life balance. Click on the images below for PDFs.

Business Sense magazine
An interview from Business Sense magazine
Business Sense magazine
A story from Business Sense magazine